Tuesday, June 17, 2008

***To Roberto

We will meet in the dark of night,
With no moon or the star in the sky…
Let our hands to meet their prize,
Let us trick our own eyes…

It is my never-ending bliss –
Letting my heart to soar and to dive...
To touch you, to taste your lips
For the first time since …tonight!

I am drained from making love,
You’re weary and exhausted…
Yet both of us wouldn’t stop,
We’re drunk to death from this Worship!

“One more kiss, one more touch and then
We would sleep, my love, I promise…” –
Seconds later you start all over again –
We lie, and we both know it!!!
I have placed my heart in your chest,
I am taking yours for safekeeping,
Perfect time, my love, perfect match –
My Destiny is in the mood for …giving…
June 14, 2008

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Heferstion said...

Ey, just one "hello" for someone interesting in my hometown ;)