Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It’s not late, it’s not dark,
Another hour or so before the dusk,
Nonetheless it feels eerie and tense
As if the air is filled with suspense…

Nothing is happening, all is still,
I looked up, behind and uphill,
Cars passed by, once or twice,
No other movement otherwise…

No birds, no squirrel with a torn ear,
Nothing moves or so it appeared,
All stopped and cautiously waits
While eeriness is passing through the gate…

Minutes passed. Or hours? – Who knows?
All was lifeless above and below…
Where this strangeness dwells,
Behind which gate or cell?

Housed in dimension of Fear
Arriving always from …nowhere,
Eeriness, sightless and unkind,
Is playing tricks with our minds.
White bread in hand. My sparrows are here,
So is the squirrel with a torn ear…
What was it? Hiccupping of Time? –
Whatever it was, it is all behind…
February 17, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

“Suffering is a Part of Human Life or Scarlet Bra...”

Jokes aside.
Let’s make serious faces –
Life is for suffering,
No choice but embrace it.

Hell that’s always within,
Stays quiet then coils
In erratic of manners,
At the wrong point…

“Wrong timing, wrong point”…
There’s no such a thing! –
The Script was written
Before we were born.

Changes are brewing,
Prepared or not,
Admit and embrace them
With an open heart…
No bribing one’s Fate,
Never worked thus far!
….I bribe my senses
With a scarlet new bra.
January 31, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"An Eclipse is a time of Transition..."

“Times of Transition….”

As soon as this year has arrived
It brought an Eclipse in Aquarius…
It is said, by those who believes,
An Eclipse is a time of Transition…

A time of change and transition
Is encouraging all to move on…
Yet my unfailing intuition
Is unprepared for a cruel blow…

It is by the experts predicted
That friendships, bonds would fail…
To the Stars our lives shall as much matter
As those of roses or foxtails...
An “emotional” Full Moon,
“Moody” Cancer, so on and so forth,
Why I have to adjust my life
Around constellations’ moods and swirls?

No matter what Eclipses do foretell –
Losses, gains, tragedies, delight,
They’re clearing obstacles away,
Things or persons we don’t need in life...
January 26, 2009