Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

“I Was Invited To Attend a Masquerade...”

"…For those who wished to attend,
There were no rules to this game:
You may talk, you may ask,
You may lie or pretend,

You may sit or recline,
You may claim you know the Truth,
You may kiss, you may touch,
Be polite, inert or rude…

You may cheat, you may hurt,
You may slap someone’s face,
Others, by rule, could do the same –
Fools and fooled, we’re all in the game…

Each one of us is different under the Mask:
Vicious or shy, vulgar or kind…
Wearing masks makes us alike,
Rules are rules. At all times.

I said there were no rules,
Yet there was one:
If one has recognized the Mask,
They both must be gone…

Like Adam and Eve,
The two are dismissed without delay
From the strangest of Edens,
Bigger than life Masquerade….
Some fifty or so years ago
I was invited to attend
A Masquerade…
I love and I hate the Game…"
November 23, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

“Ambiance Divine”

“Ambiance Divine”

Late November gave a little present:
One dreamy, lazy sunny day…
Sparrows’ seem warm and happy,
Enjoying their baths in sand.

Heaps of leaves are covering the grounds;
Tranquility is Nature’s menu for today:
Warmed by the Sun all is settled down,
Except for one leaf gliding in the air…

As if unseen fingers picked just one,
One of a million withered brothers,
Leaving them mute and stunned,
It …giggles and rises higher.

As if invisible lips breathed out,
Lifting one fortunate leaf,
To let it fly once more, one final round,
Before becoming wet and crippled…
Oftentimes, blown from nowhere,
We feel our Destiny’s touch:
“Behold! Do you see that flare?”
“Go on! It’s your turn to …fly!!”
November 28, 2008