Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Guided Meditation”

“Guided Meditation” July 25, 2008

Take a breath,
Look in my eyes –
Swim in its depth,
Fly in its skies…

Follow my voice,
I’m guiding you through,
Clear your thoughts,
Be born anew…

You are easy and calm
I am kind and sincere…
Rise up with me
To the skies that are clear.

Touch fluffy clouds,
Inhale its glow…
Breathe in silence,
Breathe out your thoughts…

Your heart is unlocked,
Breathe in peace…
Clear your mind,
Breathe out fatigue…

Allow your mind to settle
On moments of calm and peace
The Divine is everywhere
Feel with your heart this bliss…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"A Dream"

“A Magnolia Dream” July 22, 2008

I have dreamt and it was surreal,
Dreams are rarely come to me,
I remember you standing near
And I talked to you in my dream:

“Do you see that magnolia tree,
Dressed in foamy pink and white? –
How strange to see it’s blooming
Not in April but in July…”

Letting this beauty to bloom anew,
The nature’s surely mistaken,
Just as my Love that has arrived and grew
Within my heart that was forsaken…

You’ve construed a different meaning:
"Yes, Love was beautiful in July,
But it will truly bloom in April,
Let us wait. Love always takes time…"
I treasure things which aren’t common,
Unexpected, not easy to find –
Whether it’s Love or magnolia’s flower,
Both are precious and one-of-a-kind…
July 22, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“A Miracle” or "Dead Lily"

Cut-off by one uncaring hand
And lying in the sun
There was this living lily plant
With one unopened bud...

Her body is silent, I think she’s dead,
Her heart skips beats and shy…
“What should I do with you? - I said,
She answered, “Let me die”…
I placed her in water and left for a while
When I returned, what a delight! –
She waved at me her sweetest smile,
She was clad in yellow and white…

“The Death has to wait, my gentle being,
It wasn’t your time to die,
Share your beauty, no matter how fleeting,
Share your splendor and smile!”
July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

“Wingless Angel”

“Wingless Angel”

You said she wore a dirty dress,
Her hands were unclean and coarse,
She was either lost or depressed,
Her fingers couldn’t move to make a cross…

You instantly knew who she was,
Something that makes one convinced:
Pure and light, and not from this world,
An Angel without her wings…

She was talking to all who would listen…
Sadly, more often than not,
People thought she’s mad or crazy
When she said she has met the true God.

She said, “The Ultimate Truth to know
Is finding your Love and letting it grow,
The Paradise, she said, is within that Love,
If you have found Love, you’d find God…”

She looked around with regret
As people didn’t seem to understand…
She's stretched in blessing her hand,
“Goodbye”, she said, “and don’t forget…”
Being clean would never make one pure,
Pretty hands may harm beyond repair…
Curly hair, smile, white tunic -
Not always constitute a Cherub…
July 12, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Good Night"

“Buona Notte Mio Amore Grande”

Good night, my tender love,
Good night, my fleeting apparition,
You came in my life at night,
My charming and gentle magician…

I say not “farewell”, just “good night”,
As if we would meet next day…
Sweetest lips are saying no lies,
I can’t leave my love in dismay…

I will cherish forever your image,
Your face, your giggles, your tears...
Good night to your tender lips,
Good night to the sweetest of kisses...

Good night to your caring hands
And most gentle of touches.
Good night, till we meet again
In my dreams the following night…

I am caressing your sleepy face,
Aware that the dawn is near…
I say “good night” and never “farewell”,
When dreams are gone you too will disappear…
July 10, 2008