Thursday, December 4, 2008

“I Was Invited To Attend a Masquerade...”

"…For those who wished to attend,
There were no rules to this game:
You may talk, you may ask,
You may lie or pretend,

You may sit or recline,
You may claim you know the Truth,
You may kiss, you may touch,
Be polite, inert or rude…

You may cheat, you may hurt,
You may slap someone’s face,
Others, by rule, could do the same –
Fools and fooled, we’re all in the game…

Each one of us is different under the Mask:
Vicious or shy, vulgar or kind…
Wearing masks makes us alike,
Rules are rules. At all times.

I said there were no rules,
Yet there was one:
If one has recognized the Mask,
They both must be gone…

Like Adam and Eve,
The two are dismissed without delay
From the strangest of Edens,
Bigger than life Masquerade….
Some fifty or so years ago
I was invited to attend
A Masquerade…
I love and I hate the Game…"
November 23, 2008


In Blue and Green said...

I think we should play the game.
....would attend but wont pretend.
..will sit and be polite.
...will kiss but not cheat.
I may be shy but would never lie.

Natalie said...

Thank you for your response, Y.
If this is your first poetic try, very, very nice…

In Blue and Green said...
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Stranger(s) in our own Land said...

you ran away? how are you?

Fram said...

This one, I think, is sort of frightening.