Sunday, May 31, 2009

“Thinking Aloud” - to be read tomorrow

She’s looking. Looking, looking….
She thought yesterday, thinking again:
“What is there for me tomorrow –
Another somber day? More pain?”

“Tomorrow”, a mysterious matter,
Out of everyone’s reach and touch,
A rock-solid fence which crumbles
At the strike of twelve, at midnight…

She thinks beyond her pain and sorrow,
"Tomorrow, she thinks, shall be a better day,"
“Tomorrow is a Hope,
Tomorrow is always better than today…”
Tomorrow is just another day,
Yet, people shall remember to be kind…
And every evening everyone would say,
“Today I made ten people smile…”
May 31, 2009


Yoli said...

Are you back my beautiful friend?!!! Oh happy day!

Natalie said...

Back!! Last Monday, recovering slowly....
Thank you for stopping by, Yoli!

Fram said...

That was a lovely poem, Natalie.

I would wish these lines:
She thinks beyond her pain and sorrow,
"Tomorrow, she thinks, shall be a better day,"

Instead had read something like:
She thinks toward her bliss and harmony,
"Tomorrow, she thinks, shall be a perfect day,"

Not criticism of the poem; just wishing to see your words smile.

The photograph is great. Where was it taken?

Natalie said...

Criticism from you? - It is a privilege, Fram! Thank you, may I use your lines in a different poem?

The picture was taken by the same Fieldston park in Riverdale.

A Cuban In London said...

'Today I made ten people smile'.

I'll take that with me on this nice, sunny day in GB. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Natalie said...

You are a good person. I know You make more than ten people smile every day, Mr. Cuban.

Greetings from NYC

jen laceda said...

I love this poem. You made me smile :)