Tuesday, November 11, 2008

“Do We Really Want Time to Stop?”

I wanted Time to stop or disappear,
To feel once more the sweetest of pains…
Departure time is unavoidable and near
Goodbye, sweet love, until we meet again…

Time hasn’t stopped, it kept on flowing...
It showed neither mercy nor disgust,
It’s mute and deaf to my sincere pleading,
My present has become my past before my eyes...

Cheerless wisdom of rare rendezvous
Is that we aren’t drained, only hungered for more,
Unfinished story will go on forevermore,
We’ll love again, much harder than before…

Seeing an empty bed brings tears to my face,
Unfinished kisses, hugs, caresses,
Gentle words are sweeter from far away,
Short time we spent is double precious…
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Time didn’t stop ignoring my plea –
It ran its natural and frigid pace…
It would be possible, I guess, for Time to end
If Time itself could meet its own Death…
November 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

Loved the last poem, it was sad, but is very applicable to all!

Jonathan Shaatal,R.PH, MS

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your latest blog, was wondering if you was going to get anything for November up there. It was worth the wait.

All my best to you, Natalie!

John :-)

Anonymous said...

Well then
I wish you a wonderful day and all the best for the next 50 years honey! You're such a wonderful woman that I'm sure you will get over the next 50's easily and still stay as young, sweet and cute as you are!

Ken said...

Wow, Natalie, that was wonderful. Thank you.


FreeSpirit said...

Hello Natalie,

I am happy to read and listen to your poetry. Also I share many of your interests. If you like to know more about focolare, you could read www.focolare.net
Hope you are well and that you will keep writing.

Love from FreeSpirit

Fram said...

I would stop time if I could, when I wished. Or live forever.

Heaven vs. Hell.