Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Years Before the Apocalypse?

...Whether it is The Mayan Prophecy or prophecies of Nostradamus becoming true, or Planet X, Nibiru or a "killer” gamma-ray burst, or planet Earth's alignment with the center of Milky Way galaxy, or reverse polarity of the magnetic poles, whether this event will originate deep within the core of our planet, forcing a catastrophic change in our protective magnetic field… Will it matter when it comes?

Maybe it is a good thing knowing that there are only 3 years left…. Maybe everyone of us would make fewer mistakes during remaining three years and love truly…. Maybe we should start care for each other now… If the Apocalypse will not take place as scheduled (!), it would hurt no one’s pride to be nice to each other….
It will be a great test for humanity to prove its usefulness and goodness…

Allow me to quote here one of my old poems,
“…Live your life like there is one day to live.
If you can forgive yourself, God will forgive…”

Today I made you think.


Fram Actual said...

Sic erat in fatis.

It would be extremely fascinating to watch people should it be known, without a doubt, that all life would perish on a certain day. Frankly, I think greed would beat goodness into dust as some sort of eat, drink and make merry frenzy would erupt. I think you have more faith in humanity than do I, Natalie, but, who can say?

If a certain mood captured my spirit on a given day, I might ask, "Who can forgive god?" and, I suppose, find myself chained to a mountain top.

The music was pleasant, the visuals magnetic. Loved it.

Natalie said...

Thank you, Fram.
I never considered myself a religious person, no. But always believed in Universal Judgment or Universal Balance…
If I said in my naïve-ness, “God will forgive” – I meant to say that there is no harsher critic of ourselves, our deeds, than our own conscience, so for forgiveness we have to ask ourselves…