Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Daily Horoscopes"

“Not For Me to Have”

I am trying to put my finger
On something that doesn't want to stay put,
Like a child catching a pigeon –
Seems so near, yet out of reach.
The bird doesn't seem aware
As I reach out my hand to grab,
The pigeon takes off in the air –
Not for me to have. Not this time…

“Wearing my Heart on My Sleeve”

Today I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve,
Revealing soft underbelly to all –
For friends and enemies to see
My soreness, puzzlement or joy.

I hate to be exposed to the crowd,
Yet, it’s essential to sort things through:
All foes – to be weeded out
The truest of friends – I’ll keep.
I don’t know if am happy or ready,
There is more for today from the stars!
To invite you to dinner, my dearest,
Or spend the evening with you in the tub!!!

“Imaginary Lover”

You are not what I have imagined,
But here you are - ready and willing to love;
I’ll erase from my head all sketches,
I will love you for who you are.

“Domestic Bliss”

Domestic bliss turns out not to be so blissful,
As though my energy had been caged up.
The day ahead, I pray, would reinstate my spirit –
So tired of pacing in my newest trap.

The gates, I pray, would open wide tomorrow
Enabling me to control my nerves,
Letting in sunrise and love, and hope,
Suspending battles with …myself!

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Natalie said...

From Christopher, Cardiff, Wales in response to “Not For Me to Have” poem:

“There is nothing wrong”

There is nothing wrong with your finger or hand
When the object of your wish flies away.
The person who flies to places elsewhere
If had any sense, would find reasons to stay…

You have love in your eyes like a welcoming light,
Your charm and your grace…
Should the one you look for, if he only knew,
Would quicken his pace?…

You are all a man could really wish for
And somewhere soon you’ll find
That, when you least expect it,
Love will touch you from behind…