Tuesday, April 29, 2008

“My Portrait by Jean Baptiste Gregoir”

"At times, it seems strange
That by reading your words
Sent from half-world away,
I could “hear” your voice.

I could only imagine
The way you sit
And cross your legs,
The way you speak,
Slowly and softly,
Searching in my eyes
Between the words
And making long pauses.

It is an absolute need,
An ultimate desire
To hold you in my arms
Each hour of the day,
Each minute of the night,
Drunken from love…

To whisper my dreams
Gently in your ear,
To kiss your cheek
And smell your hair…

You seem so inviting, yet distant…
I’m searching for love in your heart,
I am kissing your delicate fingers,
I think I am falling in love…"
April 23, 2008

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