Tuesday, April 29, 2008

“The Opposites”

"Day and night,
Black and white,
Heaven and hell,
Freedom and cell,
Living and Dead,
Cursed and blessed,
Wanted, rejected,
Mistaken, corrected,
Useless and handy,
Tasteless and trendy....
So on and so forth,
As before as henceforth.

Fortunes are found,
Wasted and lost.
Some – moving backwards
Some – moving forth.

Immoral or decent,
Cheater or cheated,
Some are the winners,
While others – defeated.

What kind of a place
Is the world we live in?
Is it God’s joke
Or …punishment?

I have lost, I have found,
I’ve misplaced many times...
Tell me, where art thou
And where am I?

I have sensed you are near
But the joke is such
I can see, I can hear you
…from the opposite side...

The whole of the world
Lives in opposite halves:
What lies underneath
Is reflected above.
In pain we were born,
In pain we will die.
Whatever the question,
No answer in sight..."
January 21, 2008

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