Thursday, August 14, 2008

“How Could One Trick the Time…”

With every ticking of the clock,
With every passing cloud,
With every drop of rain
That gently hits the ground,

With every inhale or exhale
With every touch or grasp,
With every word we say,
With every night that passed,

With every second, minute, week,
With every beginning or finish,
With every hope, every wish,
With every frown or grin,

With every loss and every find,
With every joy we cherish,
We’re getting closer to a boring end:
Everything that lives must perish…
How prosaic, how banal,
That doesn’t make sense at all!
My question is not “how come” or “why”,
But rather how could one trick the Time…

August 14, 2008 Midnight


Anonymous said...

I have to congratulate you on your mastery of the english language - you have a far greater understanding of it than most, particularly Americans who have destroyed the language of Shakespeare.
You have great talent and this is a wonderful outlet for that. There is so much perception and love in the innermost recesses of your mind.

Fram said...

Trick the time?

It is a battle that must be fought until the very end.