Friday, August 1, 2008

"Silence, Inspiration & I"

Silence is in my house,
A total Silence…
Even my never quiet cat
Is silent…
No sound of any nature,
Other than rare whispers
Between the pages and my fingers:
Silence is visiting.

We do not gossip, we rarely talk,
We like to read, lots of chocolates,
We also like to smoke.
We never argue when together,
Always calm and merry,
If we’re lucky with the weather,
Dreamy, misty, rainy—
We feel revived and stimulated.

Today is a special occasion,
We’ve got a rare companion,
A capricious Inspiration,
A godly, yet moody acquaintance.
Three of us would get to work
Without wasting minutes,
There is no time to greet or talk—
We’re gathered to conceive
A Poem.
July - August 2001

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