Friday, August 15, 2008

“How Could One Trick…”


James said...

I love your poetry

James said...

As I love you
As the seasons pass by
So do we
For a moment we are here
And then we are gone
But our memories live on
Somewhere in space
Somehwere in time
But we know not where
Or whom will find them
Our hopes and dreams are eternal
but we of flesh and blood are not

Anonymous said...

I am at work now and can't watch the recording....but the poem is beautiful...of a very sad beauty that lives within us just like Time does...

will post another comm. in the weekend when i will watch it:)
ur kotik

Natalie said...

Thank you James, glad you liked the poem! - after knowing you for 16 years I was pleasantly surprised by your poetry, hmm....
Thank you Dina!

Red Eyes said...

Much I love you deserve a big hug.