Saturday, September 6, 2008

“Farewell, Dear Friend…”

I can’t make you happy and feeling fine,
I offered my hand and yours – was denied…
I can’t make you pleased or smile,
When smiling is the last thing on your mind…

I can only say, “Farewell, dear friend,
May happiness find you soon…
Be annoyed as often as you can,
Not with me this time, with …yourself.”

One could try and fail while trying,
One could gather one’s wits and go on…
Some are blessed with remorse and crying,
Some are simply never wrong…

Ask yourself every now and then,
After that, answer your question,
“Am I wrong? – I think I am,
I’m admitting my own faults…”
It is impossible to make one satisfied,
True Happiness is a state of mind…
September 5, 2008


paul said...

...Natalie, the poem is lovely, but very personal. You should let go, no point in chasing shadows.

Maybe true happiness is understanding true beauty and knowledge.


Fram said...

I think happiness is a momentary thing. I think I am right, but maybe you are right, too.