Thursday, September 25, 2008

“White Feathers”

Before first signs of dawn appeared,
Before first rays of sun would lick the drapes,
I'm watching you asleep, so near,
Curled softly in my arms yet, far away...

You whisper and smile in your sleep...
While I am deciphering your mumbles
And stroking gently your eyes and cheek,
I’ve noticed white feathers on your pillow...

First beam of sun is crawling slowly –
First – on the floor, then climbs into a bed,
With every instant, closer and closer,
In a moment it would kiss your face...

Only then I could see that feathers
Are budding softly from your naked back…
That’s who you are, a gift from Heavens,
My weary Angel has taken a nap…
September 24, 2008


Anonymous said...

Natalie, who were you thinking about when writing this poem?:P i am so curious even if i think i know the answer:)

It's beautiful, like everything that is created by your heart and soul!

Natalie said...

Hi Kotik!
I was thinking about!! - I am not always modest!!!
Thank you, Dinna!

Red Eyes said...

Hi, from reading this, suddenly there is a feeling of vastness, of connection, and I dissolve into it

Fram said...

I feel like I have been presented with a riddle to solve, and I need to absorb and to think.

It's almost like an early-morning, in-and-out-of-sleep dream.

It's certainly the opposite of the ones I read earlier, this one very sweet with delicate feelings.

Ok, I want to consider it now.