Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“Love Doesn’t Like To Be Questioned...”

Don’t ever question my Love –
She’s a fragile and delicate creature…
She’s loyal when trusted and loved,
When she has recognized her equal…

Do not question what’s already yours,
Don’t look saddened avoiding my stare –
My Love is for you to have and to hold,
True Love is only true when it is shared…

Do not question, do not suspect –
Love is drained and outworn,
She is crippled, desolated
When jealousy is born…
Love’s only duty is to love,
Enjoy its sweetest taste and smell,
Love is a blessing, treasure while it’s last –
What future holds - who can foretell?…
September 7, 2008


Red Eyes said...

Thank you for this most amazing words of wisdom...reads so sweetly.

Anonymous said...

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