Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Guided Meditation”


Anonymous said...

you again made my day...:)i needed this poem now more than you could imagine!!!i'm feeling already better:), enough better to return to my studies:D


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you once again for guided meditation, it was like magic for me...i was so exhausted and signed on ur blog and when i saw ur record and heard your voice i suddenly had the feeling EVERYTHING will be fine, no matter what the results of the tests would be.You are a real angel!:)

Natalie said...

Dear Kotik,
I am an Angel for everyone who needs one - this is angels' purpose, no?
With you, it is not hard to make you happy because you are, in a way, an angel youself...

Anonymous said...

Natalie, i think i listened to your poem more than 20 times already:D i have never experienced that before (not to such an extent).

You are not an mustbe the queen of angels:)

ur kotik:)

Yoli said...

Oh Natalie that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are so gifted dear lady! The ones on Youtube are horrible, they do not compare to yours.