Friday, February 13, 2009



Fram said...

Greetings, Natalie ....

I listened to you reciting the poems you posted today. They are lovely, as is your voice, but I am certain you have heard that many times before. It also is obvious how happy your poetry makes you and how much you enjoy sharing it.

Since I know so little about you, I accept your "Self-Portrait," and understand why you like it so much. In "Suffering ...," are you saying you believe in pre-destination? "The Script was written..."????

Natalie said...

Dear Fram,
Thank you for your kindness and compliments. To answer your question about believing in pre-destination, impossible! In one sentence or in one-page long paragraph, impossible! I will try a different approach!
A couple of nights ago I was watching the BBC documentary, “Illusion of Reality”, I would like to quote the narrator’s final word (Professor of physics, Jim Al-Khalili) :

The documentary is about the atom, which is, as we all know, an “empty” space…
“What is fascinating to me is that atoms that make up my body are identical to those in the rocks, the air, the trees and even the stars, and yet they come together to create a conscious being who can ask the question what is the atom…”
Dear friend, we are too insignificant to create our own destiny!!!! Tomorrow I may disagree with myself but tonight I am tired and ….pessimistic!! Haha
Also, today I was looking for a full definition of “stoic” and, quite by accident, came across this sentence:
“Stoic achieves happiness by submission to destiny” – I agree!!!

Fram said...

Natalie .... of the Rus

This early, early, early morning. I read every word you have posted here. My comments are many. I did not view every "movie." My computer is too slow to accomplish that over the course of a few hours. But, at least you do already know how I view your voice and your readings. I said many things about your poetry. Mostly good things, I think, but some negative criticism, which I hope you will consider. I would rather be slapped in the face than be dishonest, although what I think is no more than that .... one man's opinion.

One element of this exercise for me has been to think about trying to express myself in verse. I have not done so for a number of years, since I was a "college boy." You made me think about my own inner self. That is a real accomplishment, to have your poetry go beyond simple appreciation and to actually influence another's actions.

One more thought. I hope you begin to become more aware of being loved for your words, for your intellect, for your emotions, for your spirit -- than for a beautiful face or a young body. Be brave. You are beautiful, and you will be forever. You said it yourself; recall your uncle's advice. So far, none of us have found a way to stop time, and love actually does exist beyond youthful desire.

Take care .... Fram

Oladapo Ogundipe said...

I agree, she will be beautiful forever. In spirit. In appearance. In expression. In everything!
We love you

Natalie said...

Thank you, gentlemen....
(Can't stop blushing....)

Nick (CFKS) said...

A fine self portrait.