Friday, February 6, 2009

“Suffering is a Part of Human Life or Scarlet Bra...”

Jokes aside.
Let’s make serious faces –
Life is for suffering,
No choice but embrace it.

Hell that’s always within,
Stays quiet then coils
In erratic of manners,
At the wrong point…

“Wrong timing, wrong point”…
There’s no such a thing! –
The Script was written
Before we were born.

Changes are brewing,
Prepared or not,
Admit and embrace them
With an open heart…
No bribing one’s Fate,
Never worked thus far!
….I bribe my senses
With a scarlet new bra.
January 31, 2009


Fram said...

Your photograph certainly caught my attention!

Seriously, I only read a bit of your poetry on this visit (my first), but you sound so moody, so somber, so fatalistic. Possibly your Russian heritage? But, the brooding? I would have guessed the far north.

Natalie said...

Thank you!
“Brooding” – yes! “Fatalistic” – Ohhh absolutely! I am Scorpio, a real one!!

Fram said...

I was back a few days ago and read a few more of your poems. Within a few more days, probably the weekend, I will be back to read them all in one sitting. That is a promise.

Fram said...

Hi, Natalie ....

I did see your note, and left a one-sentence reply next to it on my page. My schedule is such that I generally check the blogs off and on during the evenings, and turn to them for an hour or so just before midnight my time. Unless I catch something late, I probably would not see it until the next afternoon. Perhaps you should allow email communication via your profile.

There are a number of addendums at the site, and I was unable to sort through the maze to learn which one you were referring to specifically. Also, I do not use a high speed system, so downloading lengthy material such as a movie really does not work for me. I have owned a personal computer for years, but long ago quit trying to keep pace with all the technological advances. For me, the computer essentially is a tool for writing and for storing written words.

Anyway, never having seen the original movie, I did look up some background information on it, and would have opinions on the theory it puts forward. In a nutshell, I know for a fact there are obvious elements of truth present, both historically and contemporary, but the notion as presented is vastly overly inflated and exaggerated.

By the way, my own opinion about politicians is that most are like salesmen (and most are like would-be boyfriends, too?); they tell you what they think you want to hear rather than what they actually think.

Oladapo Ogundipe said...

I admire your ingenuity. Enjoyed the poem