Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Buddha’s Words on Metta Sutta (Love)

This is what one needs to do,
The one who knows what is good,
Who has understood the path to Peace
And in search for the ultimate Truth.

He should be able and upright,
Of good speech and kind,
And free from pride,
He should be contented,
Living simply and satisfied…

Let him think,
“May all beings be well and safe,
May they be at ease.
Whatever living beings there may be,
Whether moving or standing still,
With no exception at all,
Whether great, large or small,
Whether tiny or substantial,
Whether seen or unseen,
Whether living far or close by,
All beings are Divine…

Let none deceive or despise another,
In anger or in hate
Let none wish harm…
Standing, walking, seated,
Lying down,
He should always fix his attention
On this recollection.”
This, they say, is the Divine,
Not falling into false opinions,
Endowed with belief and vision,
He will forever inspire and shine…”
March 18, 2009


Magdalena said...

Wonderful, Natalie, I love this words. But the picture you choose is just amazing... I can watch it for hours. Thank you! :-) Bye, bye :-)

Natalie said...

Glad you liked it, Magda,
the picture is indeed amazing...
I was in a hurry to post it – it definitely needs some polishing which I will work on tonight. I like lines short and clear…
Thank you.

Magdalena said...

That's you, who are the poet, so I can't argue, even if I would like to.

I found some good recipe, you will find it here:

So I wish you good night, Natalie.

Kind regards! :-)

Fram said...

The art work is amazing and the words are thought provoking. I think they are true and accurate words, but not easy to live by words.

I am glad you and Magdalena became acquainted. The two of you have many things in common, I think.

The y river said...

I love this.

Natalie said...

Glad you liked it, Dapo,
I was trying to “stay” as close as possible to the original.
I like it too. To me Buddhism is the noblest religion…