Sunday, March 22, 2009


Los Farruco – the first family of flamenco dance – is a famous flamenco dynasty known for its electrifying performances of Spanish Gypsy art. Conceived and directed by Farruquito, grandson of the legendary patriarch El Farruco, this program features La Farruca, daughter of El Farruco, noted for her passionate dancing; her son, Farruco, a rising star in flamenco known for his remarkable footwork; La Faraona, dubbed “the mother of buleria” by her father El Farruco; Barullo, grandson of El Farruco, who maintains the elegance of traditional flamenco dance


Fram said...

Makes me wish I'd never cut my hair. How about you, Natalie?

Seriously, that was fun to watch. I cannot recall ever before seeing feet move so rapidly.

Natalie said...

My pleasure, my pleasure, Philosopher,
To write a little introduction to Los Farrucos is the next item on my “to do” list.
I want to (proudly) mention here that my daughter and I have attended their performance at the New York City Center just two weeks ago.
Those two kids you saw on the stage are now 18 and 20 years old and they were amazing.

Re: my hair – I am happy, makes me look …French, you know!!

Fram said...

Thinking about you, and hoping your sadness in unknown in sleep.

Natalie said...

Thank you, Philosopher,
My sadness is known and it woke up with me this morning…

A Cuban In London said...

Stirring. I am very close to flamenco havinga father-in-law who used to sing it and a mother-in-law who used to play on her guitar. This performance is A1. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Natalie said...

As one communist to another(!!!just kidding!!!), Greetings to you too, Cuban!
Flamenco music is one of the most technically demanding so is the Flamenco dance… I sincerely admire the Spanish culture and especially talent and passion of Flamenco performers.
Thank you for stopping by.

Magdalena said...

Wow, Natalie, this is amazing... So energetic... I like flamenco very much, and it makes me feel nice, becouse my sister's boyfriend comes from Spain. Thank you for this music and dance! :-) Warmest regards! :-)

Natalie said...

You are welcome, dear Magdalena,
I love Flamenco very much. While in Seville last November, we went to see different Flamenco shows almost every night and were not disappointed.
Your sister lives in Spain? Where? I am almost sure she loves it there!