Thursday, March 12, 2009

“Random Thoughts or Restless Evening”

I’m not in the mood for tea,
For coffee it is rather late,
I never liked warm milk,
Tonight I’ll be content
With honey and French bread …

The evening feels restless,
Threatens to spoil gentle night.
A dozen of timepieces,
Of different shapes and size,
Are forcefully advice,
"‘Tis time…"
Restlessness. Tired I am not.
Recounting my dreams and thoughts –
Some are humorous,
Some are rather odd:

As recently as yesterday
My woman-boss (don’t ask me why)
Has labeled me a …saboteur,
She made me feel a Soviet spy!
From sad to inspiring and nice,
My thoughts had drifted to Sevilla –
Reliving once again Flamenco nights
At a sizzling-hot Tablao El Arenal…

From happy Seville to lethargic Granada,
Where the proud Alhambra crowns the hill…
Where the Gypsies’ aggressive team
Forcing bystanders to buy
Twigs of rosemary and thyme…
The evening has now expired,
My mood is neither sad nor light,
‘Tis time to delete daily hassle
And slowly dive into the night…
Suddenly this phrase was recalled,
Copied a day or two ago:
“The ingredients of happiness
Come very cheap tomorrow…”

On the morrow then,
At a better price!…
It made me smile
And wonder for awhile:
Which kind of happiness is cheaper
And why….
Then this one question
Came to mind,
“In a stretch between twenty and forty
How much of the magic left
In once adventurous girl?...

Has life worn away her exuberance?
Can she still be the daring and keen?” –
I’d say, it would sure depend on her man –
He may add or wipe out her zeal…
March 7, 2009


Fram said...

This one was a surprise, to put it mildly, Natalie.

It sounded like a series of typical, almost random, thoughts until the last few lines, and then, bang, a skyrocket. I think your analysis might well be right. Life, most certainly, is a two-way street.

Nick (CFKS) said...

Thank you for sharing.


THE Y RIVER said...

I love this.

Natalie said...

Thank you, Nick.
Thank you, Dapo.

Natalie said...

Fasten your seatbelt, Fram!
The last “thought” was your actual question posted a few days ago. I am sure when you asked yourself/your readers this question, you had certain answer in mind…

Fram said...

Oh, I recognized my question, Natalie. That, and your answer to my question, was what I meant by the "skyrocket."

It had not occurred to me that I, myself, was half the answer to the puzzle. Your poem was a revelation to me. I need to ask myself the same question in terms of the "magic girl's" perspective. So simple, in a way, but I had not understood that.

Natalie said...

Sorry if my answer saddened you, Fram…
To make you feel better,
The mistakes are made
To be corrected,
And the feeling of being forgiven
Gives us second wind…