Friday, March 6, 2009

“An Emptiness Reigns…”

An emptiness reigns in my heart…
Well-known streets are deserted and long,
The skies have no clouds, no stars
Things look familiar, yet something is wrong…

I asked the wind, “What has happened?”
I asked the rain, “What went wrong?”
The wind kept hissing something incoherent,
The rain had no answer, it cried on and on…

I was sad, irritated and puzzled –
Someone or something must know the truth…
Then I heard a movement, a rustle:
“The answer lies in your own heart…”
Clouds and winds are shaping new dreams,
Stars are as bright and as precious….
Time is a river made of events –
Always there but never the same…
January 10, 2009


Fram said...

Time is a river, and I am trying to reach the shoreline.

Read Jack Finney's "Time and Again" when you "find the time," Natalie.

This is nice, reflective and forward looking (optimistic). It is nice to see you posting more poetry.

Fram said...

You are experimenting with photographs, I see. I prefer the closeup rather than the more distant pose, and like the smile better than the more serious look.

You have a perfect smile.

A pair of wolves have arrived at my site.

Natalie said...

It sounded like Canon’s power shot commercial!!!
Thank you, Fram