Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Granada" Means....


Fram said...

You really do not play fairly, Natalie. To read one of your poems and to hear you recite it are two entirely different things.

You seem to have taken to wearing brown recently. It looks very good on you. (Well, every color seems to look good on you.)

You have a sexy "giggle," too, as you reveal at the end. What can I say?

Magdalena said...

Thank you Natalie, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! :-)))

Natalie said...

I always play fairly, Fram.

What seems brown is actually black – it’s my camera’s queer eye, distorts everything that comes into view!

Every time I hear word “pomegranate”, I also “hear” my daughter’s German co-worker ordering “pomeGRANADE martini” – and that cracks me up!

Natalie said...

You are very kind, Magdalena.
Thank you.

Jonathan said...

Hi Natalie,

When you recite your poems the impact and it's related content is only enhanced by your delivery...great job!