Friday, April 10, 2009

Tribute to Mysterious Hafiz…

“…Keep perfumes away from our feast tonight
The fragrance of your hair, our feast will grace.
Speak not to me of sweetness of candy and sugar;
Since my lips, sweetness of your lips, did once trace.
Your treasures are hidden in the ruins of my heart
And my path to the tavern has now become sacred space.
Speak not of disgrace; that's my fame and my base
And fame and high place, I despise and debase.
Drunk and disconcerted and demented and deceived
Show me one who's not, within our town and our race.
Fault not the pious one, because he, also, like us,
Is seeking love and grace, in his own way, at his own pace…”


Yoli said...

Natalie, that is absolutely beautiful.

Natalie said...

To me he is most beautiful of all Persian poets, Yoli..
Every line he wrote calls for special attention and admiration…
…every one of us is
“seeking love and grace,
in his own way, at his own pace…”

Fram said...

I would prefer to read your poetry, Natalie.

Fram said...

Or, even more, to see you and to hear you read your own work.

Natalie said...

Hafiz talks about “drunk and disconcerted” – you should appreciate this part, at least, Fram!!!
P.S. Thank you for your loyalty!!

Fram said...

Semper Fi, Natalie of the Rus.

We exist as we exist, and we appreciate what we appreciate.

May your Easter be good to you and for you.

Natalie said...

Thank you, Fram!
...Only "our" Easter two weeks from today.