Thursday, April 2, 2009

“I Have Plenty of Time…”

’Tis Time that does its daily weeding,
Making unhurried rounds,
Commands, “it’s time you get your wrinkles”,
Telling others – ‘tis time to depart…”

Time’s angered me today,
I do object, I protest!
I’ve decided to punish Time
By spending my time in my Past.

When I came to my normal senses,
I discovered upon my return
That, while reliving my Past,
It was I, not Time, who has lost...

Time punish the slow and the idle,
Holding everyone’s life’s strings
In its firm and unseen clutch
Making wither every living thing…
Here’s the secret, a trick,
When I say, “I have plenty of time” –
I hold its very fabric in my grip,
I possess, I own my Time


Yoli said...

Everything you post is beauty and class my friend.

Natalie said...

Thank you for your kindness, dear Yoli.

Fram said...

I think the past is a good place to visit on occasion, to remember where you are from and how you came to be, and maybe even pause there for a dream. See? Your melancholy becomes Muse.

But, as you say, it is not a good place to dwell.

Brown or black makes no difference.

Natalie said...

Totally agree with you, Fram,
Spending time in our past could be warm and comforting…

…Melancholy, nostalgia, sadness are best conditions for inspiration, you are right again… Thank you for visiting..

A Cuban In London said...

'Time’s angered me today,
I do object, I protest!
I’ve decided to punish Time
By spending my time in my Past.'

Anyone who can do that to Time deserves my utmost respect. Many thanks.

Geetings from London.

jen laceda said...

Reading your poem is such a great start to my day.

Natalie said...

It is my true reward, Jen, knowing that my words touched someone else’s soul, or made someone smile… Thank you

Natalie said...

Ohhhh Mr. Cuban,
all I can do is to protest!!!

Manuel Rios said...

Refreshing....great as a daily reflection...

Anonymous said...

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