Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Good Night"


Anonymous said...

i listened to this poem 4 times and still want to listen to it more:) Natalie, you work wonders when writing such amazing lines!!

Ur greatest fan:)

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!!!! Bellisimo!

Anonymous said...

That is most of the sweetest poems I've read, I love that inspiration, romantic and tender. Keep writing and hope you put them on a book for everyone else to enjoy.


F.L/ D.L. said...

Your voice has a very rare hypnotic quality to it that suits the poem well. Come visit a kindred spirit if you're interested in uncovering some contemporary poetry, quotes from great artists and the like.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a pretty cool and sweet lady to me.
Keep writing for all the rest of us, who maybe can feel the same as you, but just can't articulate our thoughts as well as you.
Enjoy the rest of your day. John

Magdalena said...

Beautiful, Natalie, I liked it very much :-) Congrats! :-) Warm regards!