Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“A Miracle” or "Dead Lily"

Cut-off by one uncaring hand
And lying in the sun
There was this living lily plant
With one unopened bud...

Her body is silent, I think she’s dead,
Her heart skips beats and shy…
“What should I do with you? - I said,
She answered, “Let me die”…
I placed her in water and left for a while
When I returned, what a delight! –
She waved at me her sweetest smile,
She was clad in yellow and white…

“The Death has to wait, my gentle being,
It wasn’t your time to die,
Share your beauty, no matter how fleeting,
Share your splendor and smile!”
July 15, 2008


Jonathan Shaatal said...

Hi Natalie,

I read and listened to your poem and must tell you the impact is much greater hearing you read the poem as opposed to just myself reading it. I think it was beautiful and enjoyed the meaning behind the poem.

Take care and it was so nice to talk to you this morning :)


Natalie said...

My pleasure, Jonathan, glad you liked it!

JoseVi said...

Always a poem impact more when you lisen than when you read. I liked a lot the poem but I don´t have a good level in english. The meaning of the poem is more hard and smoth at the same time is like de poems in 1880, like the romancitism, this is my opinion. I write poems to but in spanish.