Monday, July 14, 2008

“Wingless Angel”

You said she wore a dirty dress,
Her hands were unclean and coarse,
She was either lost or depressed,
Her fingers couldn’t move to make a cross…

You instantly knew who she was,
Something that makes one convinced:
Pure and light, and not from this world,
An Angel without her wings…

She was talking to all who would listen…
Sadly, more often than not,
People thought she’s mad or crazy
When she said she has met the true God.

She said, “The Ultimate Truth to know
Is finding your Love and letting it grow,
The Paradise, she said, is within that Love,
If you have found Love, you’d find God…”

She looked around with regret
As people didn’t seem to understand…
She's stretched in blessing her hand,
“Goodbye”, she said, “and don’t forget…”
Being clean would never make one pure,
Pretty hands may harm beyond repair…
Curly hair, smile, white tunic -
Not always constitute a Cherub…
July 12, 2008


Jesse said...

This was a sad but touching poem. I liked it alot!!! you have great talent.

Natalie said...

Thank you , Jesse,
Sad it was, like many things in life…
Also, a poem, to me it is not a statement but a …message…