Sunday, May 4, 2008

“Dante Alighieri and Beatrice”

You are my Signore Alighieri,
I am your Bice Portinari,
I will keep you in my heart forever
Until I close my eyes for the final time…

When we met on the bridge in Florence
I said “Bongiorno, Signore Alighieri”
I have planted my love in your heart,
You’ve accepted and let it grow…

You taught the world about true Love,
Its patience, purity, desires…
I know, I’ve watched you from above,
And stayed with you through all your troubles…

I couldn’t protect you from the evil,
Yet, I was with you each night in every dream –
From the day we met in Ponte Vecchio
Until you were buried in Ravenna…

“Siete il mio Signore Alighieri,
Sono la vostra Bice Portinari,
Vi manterrò nel mio cuore
Fino a che non chiuda i miei occhi
Su questo mondo
Per ultima volta…”

"Siete arrivata come regalo inaspettato
Tanto che non ero pronto a riceverti
Uno schiantarsi di luce fragile e chiara
Un cesto colmo di colori di cielo ammantato..."
May 4, 2008

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