Friday, May 9, 2008

“My Soul Has Left Me”

*************To R.T.
My Soul,
A capricious little creature,
She is always kind and sweet,
She possess’ the best of features,
She is gentle and petite.

She is emotional every so often,
Yet logical, honest and fair.
She would never refuse to help
Or walk away on souls in despair.

Being so obedient and thoughtful,
I’d never thought she would be gone away,
Yet gone she is without leaving a note
She’s vanished for the past few days…

She said she has found her equal,
That he was kind and easy,
But first and foremost, he’s gentle,
As gentle as morning breeze…

She said she’s gone to meet him,
Would be back in a blink of an eye…
She is gone the entire week,
My Soul, gentle and kind…

Where she is and who she is with,
I guess, I would never known…
Thinking of other misfortunate owner
Who just recently lost his Soul…
May 9, 2008

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Fram said...

Perfection, I think.