Thursday, May 1, 2008

“Wondering Psyche”

The moon is a round piece of gold,
The skies are velvet underneath,
The air is crispy and cold –
Too cold to dream, too cold to breath.
Yet, perfect to counting stars,
Perfect for minds to wander,
Flying away and far
Into the Universe’ winter.

"Too cold", -- whispers my Soul,
“It's time to return,
Back to Earth, to a dying fireplace,
To take a familiar human form,
To recognize familiar space.”
* * *
My mind, half asleep, half awake,
Half-recognizing familiar space
Would search for stars and moons again
In the Universe of my fireplace...

January 3, 2001


r.e.ii said...

Natalie - thanks for sharing your archive of the most beautiful poetry. This talent of yours is diverse and one would consider your character, that of magic. I love your beautiful world and I'll reserve a link fo you as the female magician. Thank you.

Natalie said...

Dear R.E.
Your angel did walk beside me in Seville and Alhambra, he did keep me from harm.... Thank you for you remarkable kindness...
As to being a magician(!!!) or a magical world I live in – anyone is welcome, as long as one has kind and pure intentions...
Be well, Kind Soul...