Thursday, May 1, 2008

Personal Daily Horoscopes

“Once Again”
Everything is known to the Stars:
My past, my future, current thoughts…
To something that is made of dust,
How could one trust?

I’ve trusted someone once again,
I could be once again betrayed,
I will not know it unless I take a chance…
I’ve got to be intuitive and brave.

Peacemaking between what I love
And what I want is always a battle,
Today however, I don’t mind it at all,
Whether I win or be toppled.

I know, every day cannot be great
To everyone’s pleasure and taste,
If it was, one couldn’t appreciate that…
I’m writing this one off - to experience!!

I won’t get angry over matters
I cannot control,
My mantra for today will be “whatever”,
“I want no part of it at all”!
Tomorrow’s another day,
I want to make it very clear:
We know each other quite long,
I think I’m interested, my dear…

“Me, Magnet?”
I am a veritable magnet at the moment –
Magnets attract all sorts of things,
I’ve got to be certain (for that fact alone!)
I don’t attract something I don’t intend to keep.

“An Invitation”
Just as I thought I’d get some rest
A certain someone sent an invitation…
I think I’ll accept it and go ahead –
I’ll get enough of sleep when I am dead!

It’s all about my looks and its impact:
If I am satisfied with looks, I’m feeling fine,
If I feel fine, it influence my act!
My body was and is my sacred shrine.

1 comment:

Fram said...

Since I'm reading backwards, December to January, I know the answer to this piece. The love poems reflect weakness, I think, while the others usually reflect strength and beauty.

I guess they all reflect you, but I wish you were more hard core inside about protecting your emotions.