Monday, May 5, 2008

“Your tears” By R. T.

Your tears are the pearls of light,
A gift to all who could fly higher.
Your soul doesn't need my touch -
I am in every tear drop you cry.

I won't leave you alone in the rain
I'll keep you warm and hold you tight...
Your gentle smile appeared to me,
You’re not a tree, a leaf or a flower.
You are a rainbow, full of colors,
Shining in the dark of night.
I'll touch your hand and I'll say
I'm not here for a day but I'm forever.”

**********Natalie wrote:
"If I am your Rainbow,
You are my gentle cloud
To lean upon, to giggle in your ear,
To kiss your tender cheek,
To tease your, sparely, my dear!

Summer’s rainbow is a rare sight,
I am craving Cloud’s attention…
Don’t forget to notice next time,
How Cloud caresses his Rainbow."
May 3, 2008


Emily - the below link is under construction, sorry for the mess. said...

I am a Mibba (Google it) layout maker, and would love to use your picture of a rainbow in a layout. Did you take the picture, or just find it? If you took it I will credit, of course. (:
Would be very grateful if I could use it.
Thanks, Emily/Wonderlandcreations

Natalie said...

I don't know how to contact you. the picture was not taken by me, but if you are asking for my permission, please, by all means, use it.